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The 25th Executive Committee Meeting was successfully organized virtually with the participation of five members of the current Executive Committee. One of the main agenda discussed during this meeting was the proposal to conduct the Ninth General Assembly virtually in early December 2021.

Updated 6 October 2021

FRIM's New Director General
The Secretariat is pleased to inform that Dr Ismail Parlan has been appointed as the fifth Director General (DG) of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) effective 30 April 2021. He was the Forestry and Environment Division Director before replacing Dr Khali Aziz Hamzah who has retired. On behalf of member institutions, the Secretariat would like to thank Dr Khali Aziz Hamzah for his contributions and wish him happy retirement.

APAFRI congratulates Dr. Ismail Parlan for the appointment and welcomes him as the head of this association representing FRIM. FRIM has been elected as the Chairman of APAFRI for 2018-2021 during the Eighth General Assembly.

The Secretariat is aware that over the last 2/3 years, there may be staff and organizational changes in most of the member institutions too. Therefore, we would like to request all members to update the latest email of the contact person. This is important because the Secretariat has encountered some problems to send information and invoices to some members because of invalid email addresses which lead to lost contact.

The communication between the Secretariat and member institutions will be further strengthened by having the emails send to focal point or nominated official representative of the member institution, and he/she shall forward to his/her other colleagues. We really need cooperation of members to handle this matter.

Updated 10 June 2021




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