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Comparative Analysis of Transitions to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation in Asia Pacific Region


The project Comparative Analysis of Transitions to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation in Asia Pacific Region, funded by the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet), was officially launched with an Inception Meeting on 6 November 2011 in Beijing, China. 

This project aims to formulate a set of categorization models using data collected from a number of economies in the Asia Pacific region that have already experienced net forest cover increase and also those that are still experiencing net forest cover decline. Concepts and theories from ecology, economy, social and political sciences shall be exploited to explain forest cover changes, and possibly also changing forest quality. The successful completion of this project should contribute towards a better understanding of the interrelationships of the various factors contributing to forest transition, as well as strengthening the capability and capacity in adapting to these transitions.

The meeting in Beijing was followed by an international workshop on Forestry Transition to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation, 10-11 November 2011, which had gathered several academicians and forestry practitioners to share and exchange information and experiences related to forest transit study towards sustainable forest management and rehabilitation.

The second training workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9–11 July 2012.  This training workshop had successfully achieved its objectives in improving the understanding on the comprehensive theories and approaches for forest transition study, formulating detailed work plans for the report and case study in each economy; and sharing experiences on transition studies. 

In order to update information on the progress of the various reports and transition studies, as well as to further enhance the understanding of the various components of the project, the International Workshop –Transitions to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation in Asia-Pacific Region, was held in Kuningan, West Java, Indonesia, 23–28 February 2013.





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