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Activities > Inception Workshop on Primary Forests and Innovative Forest Technologies


Inception Workshop on Primary Forests and Innovative Forest Technologies

30 July 2020
(Online Meeting)


The ‘Third Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study’ (FAO, 2019), launched in June 2019 at the Asia- Pacific Forestry Week in South Korea, highlighted two important areas of concern for the forest sector in the region. First, the conservation of primary forests – i.e. forests largely unaffected by human activities -, and the sustainable management of other natural forests are urgently needed to safeguard biodiversity, ecosystem services and the quality and health of the physical environment in the Asia Pacific region. Second, the use of innovative technologies in the forest sector, including ICT technologies and new wood-based products, creates huge opportunities and challenges for sustainable forest management.

Following-up on this important outlook study, FAO and CIFOR, lead center of the CGIAR research programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA), initiated a collaboration to develop a roadmap for primary forest conservation and innovative forest technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. This roadmap will be developed through a participative process. It will contain key recommendations (policy and concrete actions) on these two topics, informed by science.

An online inception workshop was organized on 30 July 2020 to officially launch the roadmap. The objective of this inception workshop was to associate to the development of this roadmap key regional experts and representatives of governments and intergovernmental organizations, private sector and civil society organizations, academia and research institutions in the region. The main expected outcomes of this workshop were:

(i) to agree on the general direction of the work / study;

(ii) to identify experts and organizations willing to further contribute to the study;

(iii) to start building a strong and broad community that will accompany the development of the roadmap.

Dr. Gan Kee Seng, Executive Secretary of APAFRI participated in this online inception workshop.

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