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Activities > International Forum on Integrated Forest Restoration for SDGs

International Forum on Integrated Forest Restoration for SDGs
(Side event of the XV World Forestry Congress)
3 May 2022
Seoul, Korea


The International Forum on Integrated Forest Restoration for SDGs was held at Conference Room 318C, Coex, Seoul, Republic of Korea on 3 May 2022.

Welcoming address was kindly delivered by Dr. Bae, Jae Soo (Director General of Future Forest Strategy Department, NIFoS). In course of the forum, the four of speakers gave presentations with their own key points as following :

SDGs Partnerships on sustainable forestry(Dr. Anne Juepner, UNDP Seoul Policy Centre)

  • Emphasis on efforts to address environmental, poverty, inequality and energy issues
  • Sharing examples of cooperative project with countries such as Myanmar, Ghana, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Indonesia, and the Philippines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate change

Regional Projects in Asia and contribution to SDGs and GFGs(Mr. Orlando A.Panganiban, AFoCO)

  • Request the stronger cooperation by diagnosing the level of implementation on the GFGs in AFoCO member states and sharing the achievements to emphasize the role of the forest sector.

Israel forest success story from degraded land to sustainable forest ecosystem(Ms. Noah Tal, KKL-JNF)

  • Introduce the role of the forest sector in Israel and the Mediterranean region and spread the results, such as the Israeli semi-arid forest reforestation method, creation of a forest leisure space, and emphasizing the importance of forestry education

Forest Strategy for Net Zero Carbon Emission in Korea(Dr. Younghwan Kim, NIFoS)

  • Goals and plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 was reflected in the Republic of Korea by emphasizing the role of the forest sector in it.
  • It is necessary to proceed with various research, such as the development of new carbon sinks

Therefore, we could find out it is necessary to strengthen cooperation between regions and institutions to achieve a common goal, and through this, it is possible to expect the effect of promotion between countries.

Updated on 26 May 2022

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