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Activities > Regional Workshop on Sharing TFRK


Regional Workshop on Sharing Traditional Forest Knowledge
for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries
24–26 March 2014
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

(Download: final report)

Currently, half of the world population lives in urban area, so population size continuously decreasing in rural areas. Urban migration caused by rapid economic developments can affect the cultural and social binding of local community which forms and maintains traditional forest-related knowledge. In this fast changing environment, each community has been confronted with the world-wide common problem of global warming, as well as local level factor of human disturbances.

Most of, if not all, the ecosystem services, can be evaluated at local level. This evaluation process can provide a better understanding of the traditional forest-related knowledge, and facilitate establishing sound and long-term sustainable forest management policies and strategies.

Countries in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the sub-region of Southeast Asia, have very diverse types of forests, which have been providing various different types of ecosystem services. It is a challenge to understand and properly document the ecosystem services at local, regional and global levels.

The Asian Centre for Traditional Forest Knowledge (ACTFOK), currently hosted by Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI) has suggested a questionnaire incorporating four criteria: subsistence (provisioning) services, environmental (regulating) services, cultural services and conservation (supporting) services, with 25 questions. This questionnaire, while designed for the Korean local communities, could also be used with modifications in other countries, to collect information and data for a better understanding of the traditional forest-related knowledge focusing on ecosystem services in these countries.

The Regional Workshop on Sharing Traditional Forest Knowledge for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries was successfully held at Crystal Crown Hotel, Kepong, Malaysia from 24 to 26 March 2014. The workshop was attended by 14 participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. During the field trip on the last day, the participants visited Gaharu Tea Valley and Ulu Geroh village at Gopeng, Perak.


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