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Activities > Documenting TFK for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries


Workshop on Documenting Traditional Forest-related Knowledge
for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries

2–4 February 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Countries in the Asia Pacific region, especially in the sub-region of Southeast Asia, have very diverse types of forests, which have been providing various different types of ecosystem services. It is a challenge to understand and properly document the ecosystem services at local, regional and global levels. Likewise, there are many indigenous groups that have been residing in the region ever since time immemorial with diverse culture and rich traditional knowledge.

The Asian Centre for Traditional Forest Knowledge (ACTFOK), currently hosted by Korea Forest Research Institute (KFRI), has conducted surveys in Korea to document traditional knowledge related to ecosystem services of forest. The survey used a questionnaire incorporating four criteria: subsistence (provisioning) services, environmental (regulating) services, cultural services and conservation (supporting) services, with 25 questions. This questionnaire, while designed for the Korean local communities, could also be used with modifications in other countries, to collect information and data for a better understanding of the traditional forest-related knowledge focusing on ecosystem services in these countries.

With the encouraging early results of this undertaking, KFRI has contacted the Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions (APAFRI) to engage other Asian countries in this initiative. A workshop was then convened in Kuala Lumpur, 24-26 March 2014, with the objective of sharing the experiences of KFRI researchers in documenting TFRK using this questionnaire with colleagues from other Asia countries. Participants from Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam, participated in the three-day workshop. The most significant outputs of this workshop are the outcomes of the discussion which led to a revised questionnaire enhanced with components relevant to all these countries. A proposal was then drawn up to conduct surveys in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam, by engaging colleagues in these countries. These surveys are expected to be completed by end of 2014.

The workshop is aimed to provide a platform for discussing the outcomes and outputs of the surveys conducted by colleagues in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. The participants are expected to share their experiences in conducting the surveys to document traditional knowledge on ecosystem services in their countries. The workshop would also provide opportunities for enhancing the reporting of the participating countries, and path the way for further research in related areas. 

The workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26–28 January 2015, and organized by APAFRI, in collaboration with FRIM. The workshop is supported by the contributions of KFRI to APAFRI. A field trip to Kuala Selangor was arranged on the last day where participants visited Mah Meri Cultural Village and aborigines settlement at Kampung Orang Asli Tanjung Sepat.


* Programme
* Compilation of Abstracts
* Report of the Workshop


PowerPoint Presentation

Title/ Author
Traditional Forest Knowledge for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries


The Traditional Knowledge on Forest Ecosystem Services among Kuy Communities in Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia
Sokh Heng


Documenting Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries: Case Study of Dayak Tobak Ethnic in Indonesia
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Documenting Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge for Ecosystem Services in ASEAN Countries: Case Study of Sundanese Ethnic in Indonesia
Ellyn K. Damayanti, Andi F. Yahya, Siti M. Kartikawati, Emi Roslinda, Arya A. Metananda, Agus Hikmat and Evrizal A. M. Zuhud


Finding New Meanings to Asian Proverbs and Folk Cultures
GoWoon Kim and DoWoon Lee


Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs (InVEST)
WanMo Kang, Chan-Ryul Park and JooHan Sung


Mapping and Comparing Forest Ecosystem Services in Two Regions of Korea
Chan-Ryul Park, WanMo Kang and JooHan Sung


Use and Perception of Forest Resources in Peninsular Malaysia
Lim Hin Fui, Intan Nurulhani Baharuddin, Norshakila Yusof and Amelia Bah Azmi

Trends of Ethno-Ecosystems Services in Tudan Villange, Tuaran andn Timbou Village, Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia
Julius Kulip


Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge on Ecosystems Services of a Natural Forest in Selected Watersheds in the Philippines
A.M. Daño, A.S. Jose, K.R.M. Fortus and R.A.B. Martinez


Diachronic Change of Ecosystem Services in the North of Vietnam
Pham Duc Chien and Bui Trong Thuy





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